UPF 50

Tzu Tzu girls don't just want to look fab on and of the course, they also want to care for their skin! Therefore, all Tzu Tzu Sport products are UPF 50 rated! 


So, what does UPF stand for anyways? 

Ultraviolet Protection Factor, which indicates how much UV radiation (both UVB and UVA) a fabric allows to reach your skin. For example, a UPF 50 fabric like ours blocks 98% of the sun's rays! Basically, wearing your Tzu Tzu reduces your exposure risk significantly!


How about this "50" rating, what's that about?

A UPF rating of 50 is the highest rating obtainable (thank-you-very-much)! This means that only 2% of available ultraviolet radiation is able to penetrate a Tzu Tzu garment. BONUS: this kind of protection doesn't wash out, thanks to the special weaves of the fabric. Or as we like to put it, "If we're stranded on a deserted island....we hope we have our Tzu Tzu with us!" (as if we wouldn't)


OK, I'm sold. But how do I care for these super fabulous UPF 50 Tzu Tzu pieces? 

We are SO glad you asked! While the UPF rating doesn't affect how you care for your Tzu Tzu, our bright colors and luscious fabric content surely does! Please pop over to read all about our suggest CARE INSTRUCTIONS


Questions about UPF, Tzu Tzu Care or just want to say "hi"? Email us at: info@tzutzusport.com