Eye-catching embellishments, sassy details, flattering fit. 


These are the things Lisa Krosschell loves in clothes - and what she infuses into every piece of Tzu Tzu Sport. It all started in 2012 as a sketch on a cocktail napkin. 

After years as a successful sales rep in the gaming business, Lisa was looking for fun! She turned her passion for fashion and love of golf into a business plan and it worked!

The show stopping brand is made in Minneapolis, with styles that spark conversations and admiration on golf courses across the globe. 

Lisa, along with her all female team, from production to sales reps, are helping ladies everywhere look their best. Hitting the green in a wide range of colors and patterns is sure to spark a confident and fun attitude, no matter your golf game or handicap.

Designed with patterns, colors and details sure to turn heads, Lisa’s attention to detail, impeccable taste and care for function is what sets Tzu Tzu apart from the rest. Give us a look!