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THE HOLE STORY Posted on 07 May 10:21

Eye-catching embellishments, sassy details, flattering fit.

These are the things Lisa Mandile loves in clothes—and what she infuses in every piece of her sexy, fun and flirty golfwear collection.

MADE IN AMERICA Posted on 07 May 10:20

Tzu Tzu has become synonymous with well-crafted high quality pieces, proudly made right here in the USA. 

Designed with details to make sure you’re both cool and comfortable at the same time.

THE HISTORY Posted on 07 May 10:20

Lisa launched Tzu Tzu in 2011. The collections are made by a team of sewers in Minnesota, in styles that spark conversations and admiration on golf courses across the globe. 

She’s helping women everywhere hit the green in a wide range of colors and patterns—hot tangerine, pink ombré, royal blue, and white cheetah, and a confident, fun and flirty attitude.

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